The film is about ELLA and LILY, two women who live parallel lives and are somehow subconsciously drawn to each other.

ELLA is struggling desperately to understand her subconscious state of mind and to find LILY.

Are they connected in any way or could they be sisters? And why is someone else looking for LILY?

Is it the women themselves who are creating this hunt, or an enemy?

Is it all a dream? Is ELLA LILY´s alter ego? Is time standing still or is it moving forward?

How strong is the mind and our thoughts, and do we create our own world that we yearn for and need to survive in?

While you long for duality, your imagination can manifest a universe where truth is irrelevant.

In ELLA´s search for the truth, she ends up dangerously close to reality and she feels both trapped and hunted… but what is real and what is an illusion?