Rebel Eye Film Productions was founded in 2021 and is a creative film company that strives to create high quality film and TV for both an international and a national audience.

The company is driven by many years of passion and love for film making and the creation of characters,

the craft behind it, and wish to work with like-minded people.

Rebel Eye Film Productions believes in the conviction that you can produce films with a sustainable production where the team and cast feels good all the way and where everyone can have a private life aswell.

Rebel Eye Film Production is run by Ulrika Sjölin and Marina Ritvall who have

been active in the industry for over 25 years.


Entanglement is Marina Ritvall's debut as a film producer and she is a passionate creator and artist and has for many years worked as a Makeup/Hair Designer and Wig Maker for film and theater.

Marina was not only the short film's producer, but also the Makeup/Hair Designer and she made the nice wig for the character Lily. With her impressive experience and with great visions Marina´s now in the process of pitching several projects.



Entanglement is a short film by Director Ulrika Sjölin, it is her directorial debut and perfectly captures her artistic finesse.

Brimming with beautiful cinematography and brilliant attention to production details,

you must keep an eye out for more from this rising star.

With her impressive experience and with great visions she´s ready for the next chapter.

At the moment Ulrika´s writing two scripts, one crime and one psycological thriller.



David Engellau is a musical genius, who for many years has been composing, among other things, amazing film music.

He is the composer of Entanglement, Fartblinda season 1, Max Anger to name a few.

David is a creative brainstormer and together with Rebel Eye Film, he wants to contribute to the film industry in more ways than one. David´s co-starring at Rebel Eye Film with many cool ideas.